Escuela Libre De Arquitectura

2020: 57, Enrolled Students

2020 : 45.6%, Women Enrolled Percentage

2019-2020: 7.55%, Enrollments Growth

Escuela Libre De Arquitectura is a professional training institution, located in the state of Baja California (57), begin Tijuana (57) the municipalities that concentrate the greatest number of students.

Distribution of Students by Faculty

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(2019): 57, Enrollments

Top 1 (2019): 57, Degree in art of architecture

In 2019, Escuela Libre De Arquitectura had 57 enrolled. The areas with the highest number of enrolled were Engineering, manufacturing and construction (57).

New Income by State

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(2019): 21, New Students

Top 1 (2019): 19, Enrollments Baja California

In 2019, the largest number of students enrolled in the Escuela Libre De Arquitectura come from Baja California (19) and Ciudad de México (2).