Escuela Normal De Teotihuacán

2021: 325, Enrolled Students

2021 : 57.8%, Women Enrolled Percentage

2020-2021: 46.4%, Enrollments Growth

Escuela Normal De Teotihuacán is a professional training institution, with presence according to enrollment in 2021 in Estado de México (325), with most of the student body centered in the municipalities of Teotihuacán (325).

In 2021, Escuela Normal De Teotihuacán had 325 enrolled, of which 42% (137) were men and 58% (188) were women.

In 2021, the institution had 57 undergraduates, of these 12 were men and 45 women. The areas with the most graduates were Education (57).

Distribution of Students by Faculty

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(2021): 325, Enrollments

Top 1 (2021): 175, Degree in elementary education

In 2021, Escuela Normal De Teotihuacán had 325 enrolled. The areas with the highest number of enrolled were Degree in elementary education (175), Degree in design and learning of spanish in secondary education (126), and Bachelor of secondary education with a specialty in spanish (24).

New Income by State

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(2019): 66, New Students

Top 1 (2019): 66, Enrollments Estado de México

In 2019, the largest number of students enrolled in the Escuela Normal De Teotihuacán come from Estado de México (66).